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Wasteland Story : Survival RPG

Wasteland Story : Survival RPG
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Wasteland Story is a Offline (Single Player) 2D Side Scroller Post-Apocalypse Zombie Survival RPG that set in post apocalyptic world!

Player must fight and survive in the wasteland full of dangerous mutated monsters and hostiles! build your character, gather rare items and resources, build your base! and carry out the secret mission to save mankind!

[ ★ Wasteland Story Season 1 is now live! ]
If you have any troubles or suggestions contact me anytime!
Discord : https://discord.gg/rDCPTVu3Cb
Email : dakktem@gmail.com

[ ♠ Message From The Developer ]
This is an independent project, There are many things to improve and updated. Give me review & feedback to share your thoughts! I'm ready and eager to update, improve, create more content for you!

[ ♥ 2023.04.30a Update Notes ]

1. Fixed fatal NaN bug.

2. Arena bug fix.

3. Fixed a bug that permanently reduces physical defense.

4. Healer, Cycle of Life, and Healing Wave perks greatly enhanced.
Unlimited money
Wasteland Story : Survival RPG
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Unlimited money
Download - 184 MB
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